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The Momenta fire


We serve companies that fit the following profile

Expanding Your Organic Reach

Most, if not all, of your business comes from word of mouth. We expand that reach through technical content and a deep understanding of how to drive organic search content.

Remarkable Content

From technical articles to drone videos and executive interviews, we help you tell your story in compelling and unique ways.

A LinkedIn Focus

The only social media on which you should focus is LinkedIn. From strategy to biweekly postings and tactical guidance, we help your team build an audience of potential customers.

Only Doing Deals Through the Buddy System

Most industrial companies rely solely upon acquriing deals and new customers from the “buddy system.”

Hiring Marketers That Don’t Understand Industrial

What works in e-commerce and B2C doesn’t translate to the industrial B2B space.

Lack of Visible Metrics in Industrial Companies

Do you know where your money is truly going?

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the mid market brands that build america

A Marketing Team That Actually Understands the Industry

Let us handle marketing so you can do what you do best - closing deals and fulfilling orders.

Technical Content

We meticulously research relevant content that will rank on Google. Our engineers craft detailed articles that build trust with curious customers.


We build all sites on WordPress, the best content management system. Our sites are optimized for ease of use, security, and speed.


From compelling short form interviews to dramatic drone footage, our videography sets your company apart.

Marketing Collateral

We' design iconic industrial logos and marketing collateral that create memorable impressions.


No other social platform is worth your time. Our narrow zone of expertise allows us to handle your LinkedIn presence with ease.

Marketing-Sales Link

We can supply a fractional Chief Revenue Officer to help bridge the missing link between marketing and sales efforts.

The Momenta Fire

The Momenta Fire Process


When the pandemic hit, our sister company, Momenta Tech, suffered a rapidly dwindling customer base.  Quarantined in a room, our founder Travis Ziebro dove deep into world of organic search marketing. He took an engineering education site from 0 traffic to 50,000 in organic monthly visitors. In 2022, this offering was commercialized to early adopters. After years of perfecting this marketing formula, we now offer these services to all companies that fit our ideal client profile. 

We build websites for a variety of folks. But our ongoing marketing packages are only for distributors, manufacturers, and productized service companies that sell a product on a nationwide or global level. Generally, our clients have revenues of at least $5 million up to $200+million. If you don’t fit these parameters we can refer you to several great marketing companies.

Our team is not only composed of marketers, but engineers, project managers, and field hands that once held operational roles in the industry. As a result, we understand the unique way of doing business in the industrial market. We don’t waste time acting like we know how to market bar soap. Instead, give us some check valves valves and steam traps and watch us cook. 

We pride ourselves in being the undisputed best in the industry at producing technical articles that rank. Past that, sometimes we do produce other types of content…sometimes we don’t…sometimes we run social media…sometimes we don’t..

We can operate completely turnkey or play well with others – be it a conventional marketing agency or an in-house marketing team. 

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